How It Works

Jimmy Towel is a reusable, quick-drying hand towel that zips into a stylish, pocket-sized case for use whenever you're not at home.

The absorbent towel and wicking system are designed to dry your hands all day while keeping your pocket or purse dry too. Jimmy Towel dries quickly when hung open at home or in your office. To wash weekly, just remove the detachable towel and wicking system from the case and toss it in the washing machine with your regular laundry.

Tips For Using Your Jimmy Towel

  1. Pull the towel out before you wash your hands to avoid digging in your purse or pocket with wet hands.
  2. Folding the towel back up is easy! Simply fold it in half width-wise first, and then fold it in half twice before zipping it back into the case.
  3. You can use the towel about five times before it becomes too wet. We recommend laying it out whenever possible. Your towel will dry quickly, depending on the temperature. Laying the towel on the dash of your car or in front of an air vent is particularly effective.
  4. IMPORTANT: Hang the towel outside of its case by the tag to fully dry overnight.
  5. The entire towel insert is machine washable. We recommend washing it once a week.
  6. Need a spare? Extra towels are available at our online store.