Who is Jimmy?

Alec Ramsey

Inventor & Head Guy in Charge of Stuff

Since he was a kid, Alec has always had a passion for making things. He wreaked havoc in the streets of his neighborhood with homemade go-karts, hovercrafts, homemade movies and legendary haunted houses. To his mother’s dismay, no kitchen utensil or pot was safe from his paint or plaster concoctions in the pursuit of his next creative endeavor.

As an adult, Alec continues to unleash his creativity on the advertising and branding world by owning his own agency, 20|20 Creative Group in San Luis Obispo, California. Passionate about storytelling, problem solving, and making an impact for good, Jimmy Towel is the next brushstroke on his canvas.


Lee Johnson

Earth Evangelist & 
Vice-Head Guy in Charge of Stuff

Lee Johnson is a force for green. As the former CEO of a nationally known solar company, winner of the Sunset Magazine Grow-Your-Own Block Party contest for home gardening, owner of a green home built on every earth-friendly technology he could afford, and driver of veggie diesel cars, Lee bleeds green. But it wasn't always this way.

Lee earned corporate success working his way up the corporate ladder of one of the largest shipping companies in the world. He was living at the peak of luxury as a self-proclaimed "Corporate Rockstar" in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He’d fly from Brazil to Europe for meetings that lasted only one hour without a second thought. Until one day, he woke up and realized, "I have the carbon footprint of a small country."
Within six months, he quit his job, left his mansion, and started life anew with a focus on not only shifting his own course of over-consumption toward sustainable solutions, but taking the rest of the world along with him. He broke himself of his bad habits of over-consumption in large ways and small, including giving up paper towels and TV at home.
Alec approached Lee with his idea for the Jimmy Towel, and it wasn't 30 seconds before he said, "I’m in!"





The Man With The Pants

Though Jimmy is not directly involved in the company—he runs his own theater poster design studio—he’s provided the most critical ingredient to its evolution: inspiration. In 2011 Alec, Lee, Jimmy and 33 other concerned community members joined a yearlong leadership program through the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce. In one of the workshops on sustainability, the group was sharing ideas with each other on ways to reduce their ecological impact. Jimmy shared how he hadn't used a paper towel in over a year by simply wiping his hands on his pants. It was a small and simple act, but the cumulative effect over time proved to be significant.  The group felt that if everyone in the world made the same small commitment, we could make a big stride in reducing our overall environmental impact.

After hearing Jimmy’s story, the energy in the group was palpable. Alec believed in the ideal, but he knew most people would not be willing to dry their hands on their clothes, making wide adoption unlikely. He thought to himself, "We need something small that people can carry around in their pocket all day, like the handkerchief of my grandparents’ generation." Alec enlisted the help of fellow designer and Leadership classmate, Ellen Goodwin, and spent the next three months designing a product that was portable, washable and could be used all day while keeping your pocket dry.  
From profound inspiration courtesy of the company’s namesake, a home sewing machine, and lots of prototype revisions, the Jimmy Towel was born.

Ellen Goodwin 

Orange You Glad She's Here  

With a passion for ideas, a flair for design and disdain for all things wasteful, Ellen Goodwin is an inspiration for Jimmy Towel. Instrumental in the product's functional evolution and style, and even coming up with the name, Ellen sits at the helm ready to add more design lines to the product mix as demand grows.

Ellen is a LEED accredited architect by day where she is a voice for green design and advocates daily for small steps toward sustainability.